We will look at your complete financial picture and design a plan that fits your needs. Creating a financial….


We take a hands on approach and work with you, keeping you up to date on how we manage your financial future…..


We will recommend tax-efficient ways to manage your financial plan and also to help hand more money down …..


The mission of Dartbank Wealth  is to provide our clients with professional guidance and innovative strategies that are right for our clients and for those who depend on them.

Investing for Income

Providing our clients with a clear picture of the income or potential income created by their asset portfolio is an essential aspect of our financial planning process. There are many ways to create the income you will need…

Asset Preservation

Assisting our clients in understanding the risks associated requires gaining an understanding of our client’s goals and experiences. Matching investment risk with the client’s ability to tolerate changes in the value of the portfolio…

Asset Management

Presenting our clients with investment options for their portfolio is the final step of building an asset portfolio.  Based on all aspects of our initial discussions regarding risk and investment objectives…

Alternative Investments

Finding and understanding investment possibilities for our clients that provide  true market diversification such as Real Estate Investment Trusts, Fixed and Variable Annuities, and Business Development Companies is essential…

Mortgage Planning

We have offered  a full line of residential and commercial mortgage products since our inception.  Analyzing refinance possibilities and assisting our clients in making home buying and selling decisions is one of the most important steps our financial planning methodology.

Commercial Funding

Business ownership often means making informed decisions about leasing and buying commercial real estate.  With a lifetime of investing in real estate experience we can analyze your businesses ability to qualify for a commercial loan transaction and introduce you to sources of funding that are a fit for your business.

We recommend sophisticated strategies regarding your Social Security and when to take it.

Community Investing

Estate Planning and Philanthropy is very important to us. You’ve worked hard to achieve the life you desire.

Retirement Analysis

Whether you want to invest for retirement or generate income in retirement, We can help you pursue your goals.


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